Pascal Guillemin’s Background

Pascal Guillemin discovered aikido in 1987 at the age of 15, and has practiced intensely for some 12 years with renowned Christian Tissier. He followed Tissier across Europe as his ushi deshi then assistant, and received his 5th Dan at 33 years old. During that time, Pascal enriched his practice by studying Thai boxing at the famous Siam Boxing school for three years, as well as Brazilian jujutsu for two years.

Pascal Guillemin has taught at the Cercle Tissier since he was 19, and regularly runs workshops in France and abroad. He also teaches aikido to long-term inmates in prison, an environment where aikido plays an important role, both physically and psychologically

In addition, his personal research into the reasoning behind this discipline and the way it functions allows him to lead seminars for businesses (stress management, emotion control, etc.).

Finally, he completes his experience as an aikidoka by way of the cinema, choreographing fight scenes, training actors and sometimes appearing in films himself (The Last Samurai, Babylon A.D. ...)

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